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“Enduring Function with Grace”

Handmade to make your investment last a lifetime.

Gary Winckler is a Renaissance man as he has sought to develop his abilities and talents in diverse areas of knowledge. Raised as a farmer and rancher in central Washington state, he became a mathematician by academic degree, a teacher and Olympic/collegiate track and field coach for his career, a tech saavy Mac programmer, a poet by default with his dry sense of humor, and a cowboy for the pure joy of it.

Gary’s renaissance lifestyle had led him to become a Saddler that enables him to combine his cowboy work ethic with his former careers in athletic movement, mathematics, and programming, along with an innate artistic sense. This unique background and tenacity for excellence is how Gary brings together function, form and beauty in his designs.

As you peruse my galleries note that many pictures of my work can be found on the “Skivings” page that are not in the galleries. Thanks for taking the time to visit.