Designing Your Next Saddle

I like to work with customers in designing their custom saddle. This can happen to varying degrees as some customers prefer to give me a general idea of what they need and how they would like the saddle to be stamped or carved while others have definite ideas regarding specific designs or patterns they would like incorporated into the design of the saddle.

In the images are described the various parts to a saddle as well as what some of the additional options are to a saddle order. Hopefully these, along with other images on this web site, will help you to determine what you would like.


Here are some images and descriptions of some common options available.


Cantle Bindings can come in a three basic styles

  1. Cheyenne roll binding
  2. Two piece Cheyenne roll with tooling
  3. Straight up binding

Rear Jockey Bindings come in two styles

  1. Frog: a leather piece is sewn to secure the two rear jockeys together.
  2. Kangaroo lacing to bind the rear jockeys

Inlaid padded seats can be an option as well.  Here are a couple of designs I have used for this seat option.

Rope Straps come in a couple of options:

  1. Oregon Crossover
  2. Oregon Crossover without keeper
  3. Strap and buckle on roping side

Hobble Rings are available as options

  1. Ring with rawhide braided cover
  2.  Stainless steel floral engraved ring
  3.  Leather ring

Exposed Stirrup Leathers

Exposed Stirrup leathers are another option is so desired.


Stirrups: Unless otherwise specified I use Stainless Steel covered stirrups on each saddle order. Usually I install 4”  or 5” Bell or Moran style stirrups and can get them in other sizes.

Bucking Rolls

Bucking Rolls are an option on slick fork trees as illustrated in the photo below.