Custom Saddles For Sale

Welcome to WS Saddles. In my one man saddle shop I work to hand craft a saddle that will enable you and your horse to work better together while at the same time give you a unique look catered to your needs. I build ranch saddles of all styles and configurations including Wade saddles and swell forks. I also build saddles for trail riders as well as western pleasure and other riding disciplines. I take pride in involving the customer in the design process to help you get the saddle of your dreams.

Give me a call to talk about your next hand crafted saddle!

Used Wade saddle for sale

A customer of mine is in need of selling her saddle. This Wade saddle was built in December 2019 on a Dusty Smith tree. Tree specs: 4 1/4 x 93 degree bars, 15 1/2″ seat, 5 1/2″ x 12″ shovel cantle, bars have an average rock in them and are 22 1/4″ long. Horn is 4″ diameter and 3″ high. If interested please contact Lacey at: 307-760-3519 (Wyoming).

Here is a used and well cared for saddle with a lot of matching tack that was all constructed in 2018. I built this for a good customer who wants to sell this as I will be building her a new outfit next year. You see pictured here a 3B Saddle built on a Dusty Smith saddle tree. This saddle has a 15″ seat with elephant covered inlaid padded seat. The cantle is 5 x 12″ and the bars are 4 x 90 degree. It is all very well taken care of. Other items to match the saddle are bucking rolls (elephant), pommel bag, saddle bags, headstall with John Mincer hardware, breast collar, and slobber straps. For pricing and more information contact Heather at: (509) 808-1292 (Pacific Time Zone).

New 3B Saddle for Sale

Here is a new 3B saddle with wood post horn for sale. Recently built for a customer this saddle has not been ridden. Customer has need to sell this saddle so I am posting it here to help him out. The saddle is built on a Dusty Smith saddle tree and is a 16 1/2″ seat with 93 degree bars, a 4 1/2′ h x 12″ w cantle, and a round 3 1/2″ x 3″ horn. Saddle weighs 32 1/2 lbs.

If interested please contact Oliver Ray at

I have a new Wade for sale with roughout seat, fenders, and skirts. Built on a Dusty Smith tree (WYO Saddle trees) that has 93 degree bars and a 15 1/2″ seat. Cantle is 5 x 12″ and wood post horn is 3″ high x 4″ diameter. Saddle has an in-skirt rigging set at 7/8 position. Saddle weight is 33 1/2 lbs. Weber stirrups are 4″ Morans. Contact Gary Winckler directly with any questions (217) 714-4700. This is a really nice rig. Priced at $4780

USED Saddle for Sale  (SOLD)

I’m helping a customer sell a very lightly used 3B saddle I made less than a year ago. Customer is getting out of their horses so this can be a good deal for someone. This saddle has a 15 1/2″ seat, a 5″ x 12″ cantle, 4 x 90 degree bars, 3″ high x 3.5″ wide round horn, 4 1/4″ stock 3B fork and the tree was made by Dusty Smith of WYO saddle trees. The saddle is double rigged with front rigging set at 3/4 position on an in-skirt rigging. The inlaid padded seat, bucking rolls, and swell shield are all covered in Honey Elephant. Saddle is all smooth out except for roughout fenders, billets and skirts. Seller is asking $4600 but will entertain offers. Contact me at 217.714.4700 phone or text.

NEW Saddle for Sale  (SOLD)

This saddle is built on a Jake Christenson tree. It is a 90 degree Wade tree with a 15 1/4″ seat, 4 1/2 x 12″ cantle, 4″ x 3 1/4″ high wood post horn. The bars on this tree are 22 1/2″ long so it could be an excellent choice for some of you with short backed horses. The saddle is all rough out with the seat inset into the swell. This flat plate rigging is set at 7/8 position. The cantle binding, horn, frog, and carriers are all tooled. Stirrups are 4″ Morans by Trina Weber. All hardware is stainless steel. Price is $4500.


Thank you Marvin Hansen.

New Will James saddle built on a Rod Nikkel tree with 93 degree bars, 15 1/2″ seat, 4 1/2 x 11″ cantle, 4 x 3″ Guadalajara horn. The swell on this Will James has a 5″ stock and is 13″ wide. Saddle is all smooth out leather with basket stamping and scroll work panels. Stainless steel hardware by Harwood, Sterling Silver conchos on cantle back and horn by Shawn Didyoung, rolled and recessed edge on cantle binding, 5″ covered Moran stirrups by Trina Weber. This saddle is Double rigged at 3/4 position. If you would like this saddle without the silver conchos I can remove them and negotiate a different price. This saddle has been ridden twice but was well taken care of and is in new condition. Please call or email for more details: 217-714-4700 or


New Wade saddle built on a Rod Nikkel tree with 93 degree bars, 15 1/2″ seat, 4 1/2 x 11″ cantle, 4 x 3″ Guadalajara horn. Saddle is all rough out leather with tooled horn cap, swell, and rear jockeys. Stainless steel hardware, Yellow Brass string conchos by John Mincer, recessed edge on cantle binding, 4″ covered Moran stirrups by Trina Weber. This saddle is Double rigged at 13/16 position. Please call or email for more details: 217-714-4700 or



Built on a Rod Nikkel tree this saddle is just a little over a year old. Has been used for one year mostly for trail riding and some limited roping.

  • 15 1/2″ seat
  • 93 degree bars
  • 4 x 3″ high Guadalajara Horn
  • 4 1/2″ x 12″ Taylor cantle
  • 5″ Moran stirrups
  • 21″ fenders so this will fit a taller rider
  • Full carved California style

Call for more details! I can send current photos if interested.