Austro-Hungarian Influences

Andrea wanted something on her saddle that was very personal and represented her heritage. She sent me a photograph of her family crest and asked if we could incorporate it somewhere on the saddle. I’ve had a number of similar requests in the past and though most of them are not extremely difficult to put on leather almost all of them are difficult to fit into the confines presented on a saddle. This crest had to go on the back of the cantle as we were not carving the fenders. I really enjoy these challenges and hope this saddle gives many hours of pleasurable riding. The tree was built by Dusty Smith and is a 3B with 15″ seat and a 4 x 12″ cantle. This saddle was in-skirt rigged and the final weight was 28 1/2 lbs, which was a high priority for Andrea. There is also a matching headstall and pulling collar. Thank you for another great project Andrea!