Bruce Sandifer Workshop

I have always felt that if I can become a better horseman then I could apply that skill set to become a better saddle maker. By this I mean that I could better understand the factors that are important in a riding discipline and how equipment could effect performance. Not all saddle makers agree on this and there are many who feel that you don’t need to ride to make a good saddle. It is in fact true that there are good saddle makers who do not ride. However, for me I believe horsemanship does have an effect on my understanding and for that reason I will continue to try to improve my horsemanship skills and try to apply that knowledge and experience to my saddle making.

This past weekend I had a rare opportunity to ride with one of the best. Bruce Sandifer and his assistant Jeff Derby put on a three day workshop in Sultan, WA. I have been wanting to ride in one of Bruce’s workshops for some time and this was only a 6 hour drive away so I jumped at the opportunity.  It more than exceeded my expectations. By day three both my mare and I were making some great progress and I was feeling some things I had never felt horseback. Now comes the challenge of continuing to refine and practice. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s ride!Sandifer 022 Sandifer 023 Sandifer 025 Sandifer 029 Sandifer 030 Sandifer 034 Sandifer 037