Early California Skills of the Rancho

In June I had the opportunity to travel to Santa Barbara, CA, to have a booth at Bruce Sandifer’s Early Californio Skills of the Rancho. The venue was the Earl Warren Showgrounds, a classy horse show facility in downtown Santa Barbara. The competition was great and there were some very good vendors there exhibiting very well made gear that complimented this traditional style of horsemanship. Thanks to Bruce and many others who put in a lot of work to make this event a success. If you are interested in traditional skills of the early Californios then this is an event you will want to attend in the future.

IMG_0732Bruce Haener has one of the best collection of classic Spade bits I have ever seen. He also makes great using bits in this style.

ECSR 2015 040

Greg Gomersall and Bruce Haener talking saddles.

ECSR 2015 060

Bits by Gary Field

ECSR 2015 045 ECSR 2015 048 ECSR 2015 064 ECSR 2015 068