The Edelweiss flower is not a common flower seen on saddles. However, this flower has been requested by two of my customers in the last year. Cindy from Winthrop, WA, recently  requested this be used on the saddle I was building for her Haflinger. She wanted a single rigged saddle built on a Rod Nikkel tree. We had Rod build a 3B tree and used an in-skirt rigging set at 3/4 position. The inlaid seat is covered in Cape Buffalo. This saddle finished out at 28 pounds and both rider and horse seem to be very happy with the results. Thanks Cindy!!

Mackie N715 028

Mackie N715 029 Mackie N715 031 Mackie N715 032 Mackie N715 033 Mackie N715 037 Mackie N715 038