Getting ready for the next round of clinics

In my last “Skivings” post I presented the saddle we created for Mark Rashid. This month we are highlighting the saddle we made for his spouse and clinic partner Crissi. It features a 3B tree made by Dusty Smith at WYO Saddle trees. The cantle is 4 1/2″×12′ and the tree style is a 3B with 4 1/4″ stock and a 3′ h x 3 3/4″ diameter round wood post horn. The inlaid seat is in Chocolate Elephant. Crissi has ancestral roots in Scotland so she wanted something to reflect that heritage. The back of the cantle sports a Scottish Thistle while the swell, seat, horn, and rear jockeys have Celtic knot work incorporated into the overall design. The seat also has her initials carved into the cantle.

Thank you again and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to ride in one of Mark and Crissi’s clinics to jump at the chance.

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