I’m Colorado Bound!

Thanks to Mark Rashid (http://www.markrashid.com) for the opportunity to build him another saddle. Mark and his lovely spouse Crissi stopped by and spent a couple of nights with us as they were passing thru on their way to do a clinic in western Washington last month. Crissi had wanted to visit about building her a saddle and while they were here Mark also took the dive. Fortunately I had a tree that met Mark’s specs and I was able to get to his saddle right away. Crissi’s tree is in the making and will hopefully be here before too many weeks.  This saddle features one of the last of Rod Nikkel’s trees. The cantle is a 5×12 and the tree style is a 3B with 4 1/4″ stock and a 3h x 3 1/4″ diameter wood post horn. The swell shield, cantle binding and inlaid seat are all in Chocolate Elephant. Thank you again and I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to ride in one of Mark’s clinics to jump at the chance.

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