Diane first purchased a saddle from me in back around 2005. This saddle is the second one Diane has ordered from me. I’m so thankful for the return customers I have. It’s very gratifying to have so many orders from returning customers. This tree was built by Dusty Smith of WYO saddle trees and, as always, he did a great job. The tree is a 3B with wood post horn and 93 degree bars. The finished weight on this rig is 30 lbs. Diane requested several flowers be used in the carving that were from the desert area in which she lives. Flowers such as Sego Mariposa, Shooting Stars, Evening Primrose, and Clarkia are ones I had never been asked to use on a saddle so the project was not only a little challenging but interesting as well. Thanks Diane!  Here are a few photos.