Some recent projects

I have really been blessed with some great customers over the past year. It is not only fulfilling as well as challenging to work on the saddle projects I am asked to do but also extremely pleasurable to work with some good people. Here are a couple of saddle projects that I’ve been working on over the past couple of months.

This first saddle has gone to Las Vegas, NV where the owner operates a horse back riding and touring company in the Red Rock National Conservation area. This saddle is a Wade built on a Rod Nikkel tree. The carving features Edelweiss flowers and Haflinger horses.

Sage 029 Sage 030 Sage 034 Sage 037

This next saddle was built for a customer in Wisconsin who wanted a seat that would really help her stay over her feet. She chose a 3B tree with a 10 inch swell by Rod Nikkel. I really liked the lines on this saddle tree.

N1114 028 N1114 029 N1114 030 N1114 034 N1114 036 N1114 037