Spring is finally here!

Now I don’t necessarily dislike winter but it is always nice to see some sunshine and warmer temperatures come early spring. I’ve tried to keep riding this winter but there were lots of days when it just got too icy to really enjoy the ride. We live in very hilly country and trying to find anyplace to ride close to my place that isn’t steep ground can be challenging. I’ve been out twice this week and like all early spring rides they can be exciting at times. My mare is full of energy and just wants to go. Every sighting of a deer, elk, or squirrel is a big deal. Here’s a little poem I wrote after my ride this morning. Ya’ll have  great day!

The snow is getting hard to find
And ground is full of mud and water
The weather some days seems so kind
With hints the cool will soon turn hotter
The horses seek to roll like pups
Their winter coats to shed
Its time to put the woolies up
And find those chinks instead
The dog and horse both feel renewed
There’s energy buildin’ all around
Like early morning coffee brewed
Life’s newness swelling from the ground
How great to feel the saddle squeak
As we go trotting out
Can life be ever seen as bleak?
When horseback there’s no doubt