Two Ravens

Over the past couple of years I’ve had some requests to do custom saddles where we utilize special carvings to express something very personal to the owner. I recently finished one such project for Frieda in Alaska. She can express it better than I so here is her quote:

“I explained to Gary Winckler what my dreams where for a saddle.. a few photos for him to follow.. the rest was in his talented hands… the fireweed is the flower of my heart. in Alaska they grow, bloom and fade away as the seasons change… on my left fender the bottom 4 blooms are darker, each bloom to represent one of my boyz i lost.. on the back of the cantle my barn and life logo… the 2 ravens…the birds of my mind and my soul.. my communicators to the spirit world I listen to so closely…. the horn…a peace sign to remind me that all is calm when upon my boyz…Peace Strength… to say I am overjoyed with what has been built for us is an understatement… yes tears filled my eyes as I scrolled from photo to photo.. thank you Gary for everything….”

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These projects are always a little challenging in that I am ever hopeful of fulfilling the client’s desires but once finished it is always great to have seen it meeting their expectations. Thanks Frieda.